Wanna have some tips ? CCO is your friend!

A lot of people are asking me about some hints and tips for the wireless lab exam.
I can summarize some tips/hints, but those are personal and tt’s possible those tips won’t work for you.
All the tips below are general ones and hopefully you’d read them already somewhere on the Internet.

Preparation tips :
– Read the recommended reading list serveral times.
– Configure every wireless technote you can find. (See links)
– Know every command of the AP and WLC without using the “?” at the CLI.
– Try to know everything what’s described at the Blueprint.
– Yes, VLAN and QOS are at the blueprint, so you’ll have to know this.
– Start with “clean” configuration each day, so you will have to configure everything over and over and over again.
– Write a blog. It’s easy to find something when you can’t remember something.
– Don’t think you know something…. Just configure it, configure it and configure it again. If you can reproduse it three times without any fault, there is a possibility you know the stuff.
– CCO is your friend.
– Don’t trust any configuration ! Verify it and then when it’s working, trust it….

Some general tips :
– Make sure you get enough rest before the lab.
– Timemanagement is also very important. Try to have a strategy in advance and stick to it.
– Don’t worry about the Open Ended Question. Know the books of the reading list and make sure you got enough experience with the devices.
– Redraw the topology at layer 2 and layer 3 in a way it’s easy for you.
– Read the whole exam before you start. Try to find some connections between some questions.
– Ask the proctor about clarification if you don’t understand a question.
– Save your configuration frequently. (In my case, very very often…..)
– Try to enjoy your lunch… It can be a very expensive one.. 😉

It doesn’t matter if you fail a lot of times for the lab… The only thing that counts is when you pass the lab…
If I can pass the lab, so can you !
Be very very motivated…. That’s the most important thing to succeed.

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One response to “Wanna have some tips ? CCO is your friend!”

  1. ICT says :

    Very useful tips here. Great work

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