Power of the Autonomous radio’s

It’s possible to finetune power settings of an Autonomous Radio. In some cases you don’t want that the default max power setting is enabled.

There are two options. One for the Radio and one for the Client.

At the b/g radio you got :
BR1(config-if)#power local ?
cck Set local power for CCK rates
ofdm Set local power for OFDM rates

ofdm is for rates higher then 20 Mbits.

Here you see some values you can configure.
BR1(config-if)#power local ofdm ?
One of: -1 2 5 8 11 14 17
maximum Set local power to allowed maximum

When you access the AP via the GUI, you’ll see a link to the Power Translation Table (mW/dBm)

For the client you can configure also the powersettings :
BR1(config-if)#power client ?
One of: 2 5 8 11 14 17
local Set client power to Access Point local power
maximum Set client power to allowed maximum

If you pick the option local, the powerlevel will be adjusted to the powerlevel of the AP.

You can also pick a value of use the max. Depends of your configuration.

Some background information regarding RF Power Values:
Link to RF Power Values

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