Max WLAN on a WLC

There is a maximum of WLANs that you can create on a WLAN and that number is 16.

Even if the WLAN is disabled, the total of enabled and disabled WLAN’s can’t exeed 16 otherwise you will see the message :

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4 responses to “Max WLAN on a WLC”

  1. Kristjan Edvardsson says :

    I thought this was the limit per Access point. Or how is it ? I know that 5508 (not part of the current lab though) handles 500 VLANS and 500 WLANs. Does the 4400 series only handle 16 WLANS globally ?

  2. David Cutright says :

    16 wlans per ap, 512 wlans per controller, except 2106 and wlcm, limited to 16 wlans.

    • . says :

      Since software version you can have 512 wlan per controllers… Not for version 4.2 which is current for the lab.

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