Serviceport of the Controller

Sometimes you want to put a fixed ip address at the Serviceport of a Controller, but you’ll receive the message :
(WiSM-slot2-1) >config interface address service-port
The DHCP protocol for the service port must be disabled before configuring the IP addr

To disable the DHCP of the serviceport :
(WiSM-slot2-1) >config interface dhcp service-port disable

(WiSM-slot2-1) >config interface address service-port

(WiSM-slot2-1) >show interface summary

Interface Name Port Vlan Id IP Address Type Ap Mgr Guest
——————————– —- ——– ————— ——- —— —–

service-port N/A N/A Static No No
(WiSM-slot2-1) >

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2 responses to “Serviceport of the Controller”

  1. Jan Brooks says :

    Can the service port have a default gateway? If not you can only access it being on the same layer 2 vlan right?

    • . says :

      The service port can’t have any default gateway, so only devices on the same subnet can make contact with the service port.

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