WiSM basic config 12.2(18)SFX5 and higher

In newer IOS there are some new commands to configure the wism.
You only have to know 3 command and the rest will be created for you !

wism module 3 controller 1 allowed-vlan 100,200-203
wism module 3 controller 1 native-vlan 100
wism module 3 controller 1 qos-trust dscp

If you want to see the etherchannel you can
#>show etherchannel
because you don’t see the interfaces and portchannels in the show run.

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8 responses to “WiSM basic config 12.2(18)SFX5 and higher”

  1. Mike says :

    shouldn’t it be trust cos if it is a controller?

  2. Alex says :

    i’ve got problem for making communication between s720 and wism (i used single cat65k).
    in the cat65k,there are 8 logical gig eth (3/1-8) and 2 virtual int port-channel (405 and 406) which creating automatically when the wism insert to cat65k. how can i bundling each 4 gig to int port-channel? i cant make channel-group 405 mode on in the interface range gig 3/1-4 because the range for port-channel in cat65k are 256? thanx for reply. i appreciate it.

    • . says :


      Which IOS version are you using ?
      If you have SXH6 (Latest one), you only have to know the “three” wism commands and all port-channels etc will be created.


      • Alex says :

        hello CCIEW,

        i’ve solved this problem.
        i’ve forgot to insert command wism module 3 controller 1 allowed-vlan x.
        but i didn’t understand how that command can make all port-channels cmd including trunking in the interface.
        and after i’ve done that command,i can’t still ping core sw from wism and vice versa. and i’ve found the solution by untagged the vlan management and ap-manager. and again,i didn’t understand what concept can made that because when i configured wlc before,the vlan management and ap-manager in wlc must same with the vlan management in core_sw to be able ping each other.

        Hope,you can explain to me how the concept in the wism different with wlc.


        best regards,


  3. sascha says :

    Hi guys,

    normally it must be set to trust cos on interfaces to the wlc.
    trust dscp must be set only to AP with are in “normal” LWAPP/CAPWAP-mode!
    If the AP is configured with H-Reap – you have to set “trust cos”.

    best regards

  4. Johnny says :

    Is the simplified method available during the CCIE Wireless lab exam as of right now?

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