Changing DSCP on the CME

It’s possible to set DSCP values at the Telephony-service of the CME.

The command under telephony-service is :
ip qos dscp {{number | afcsdefault | ef} {mediaservicesignaling | video}}

Example :
ip qos dscp af11 media
ip qos dscp cs2 signal
ip qos dscp af43 video
ip qos dscp 25 service

Where :
Default : Sets DSCP to default bit pattern of 00000000
ef : Sets DSCP to Expedited Forwarding
media : Applies DSCP to media payload packets
service : Applies DSCP to phone service incl HTTP
signalling : Applies DSCP to signaling packets
Video : Applies DSCP to Videostream.

DSCP for media is ef.
DSCP for service is 0.
DSCP for signaling is cs3.
DSCP for video is af41.

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