Configure NTP for Locationserver (2)

In a previous post you could see how the linux machine was configured with ntp. You had to stop and restart some things.

There is an easier way :
Login at the Location server and just run the setup.
Everything that’s already okay, you don’t have to configure. You can run setup everytime you want. After changing some parameters a reboot is recommended.

[root@Loc2700 root]# cd /opt/locserver/
[root@Loc2700 locserver]# cd setup/
[root@Loc2700 setup]# ./


Welcome to the appliance setup.

Please enter the requested information. At any prompt,
enter ^ to go back to the previous prompt. You may exit at
any time by typing .

You will be prompted to choose whether you wish to configure a
parameter, skip it, or reset it to its initial default value.
Skipping a parameter will leave it unchanged from its current

Changes made will only be applied to the system once all the
information is entered and verified.


Current hostname=[Loc2700]
Configure hostname? (Y)es/(S)kip/(U)se default [Skip]:

Current domain=[]
Configure domain name? (Y)es/(S)kip/(U)se default [Skip]:

Configure root password? (Y)es/(S)kip/(U)se default [Skip]:

Remote root login is currently disabled.
Configure remote root access? (Y)es/(S)kip/(U)se default [Skip]:

Current IP address=[]
Current eth0 netmask=[]
Current gateway address=[]
Configure eth0 interface parameters? (Y)es/(S)kip/(U)se default [Skip]:

The second ethernet interface is currently disabled for this machine.
Configure eth1 interface parameters? (Y)es/(S)kip/(U)se default [Skip]:

Domain Name Service (DNS) Setup
DNS is currently disabled.
Configure DNS related parameters? (Y)es/(S)kip/(U)se default [Skip]:

Current timezone=[Europe/Amsterdam]
Configure timezone? (Y)es/(S)kip/(U)se default [Skip]:

Network Time Protocol (NTP) Setup.

If you choose to enable NTP, the system time will be
configured from NTP servers that you select. Otherwise,
you will be prompted to enter the current date and time.

NTP is currently enabled.
Current NTP server 1=[]
Current NTP server 2=[none]
Configure NTP related parameters? (Y)es/(S)kip/(U)se default [Skip]:

Please verify the following setup information.

No changes were made to the existing setup. All setup parameters
will be left as they are.

You may enter “yes” to proceed with configuration, “no” to make
more changes, or “^” to go back to the previous step.

Is the above information correct (yes, no, or ^): yes
Exiting setup script…
[root@Loc2700 setup]#

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