Qos Recommendation for 7921

Here are some recommendations for the 7921 :

• Ensure that WMM is enabled on the access point.
• Create a QoS policy on the access point giving priority to voice (RTP) traffic and apply that profile to the desired
􀂃 RTP (DSCP = EF) to COS = 6
􀂃 SCCP (DSCP = CS3) to COS = 4
• Be sure that RTP packets have the proper QoS markings and other protocols are not using the same QoS markings.
• Select the “Platinum” QoS profile for the voice wireless LAN when using Cisco Unified Wireless LAN Controller
technology and set the 802.1p tag to “6”.
• Enable Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) preservation on the Cisco IOS switch and/or use a QoS policy to set
DSCP to EF for RTP traffic (UDP port range 16384-32767) on the Cisco IOS router.

When configuring your access points, use these guidelines:
• Set “Quality of Service (QoS)” to “Platinum”.
• Ensure the “WMM Policy” is set to “Allowed” or “Required”
• Ensure “Aironet IE” is enabled
• Disable “P2P (Peer to Peer) Blocking Action” / “Public Secure Packet Forwarding (PSPF)”
• Disable “DHCP Address Assignment”
• Ensure “MFP Client Protection” is set to disabled or optional
• Ensure “Admission Control Mandatory” is “Enabled” for Voice
• Ensure “Load Based CAC” is “Enabled” for Voice
• Ensure “Admission Control Mandatory” is “Disabled” for Video
• Ensure the “EDCA Profile” is set to “Voice Optimized”
• Ensure “Enable Low Latency MAC” is disabled
• Ensure “Aggressive Load Balancing” is disabled
• Enable “Symmetric Mobile Tunneling Mode” if Layer 3 mobility is being used
• Ensure “ARPUnicast” is disabled, where proxy ARP will then be enabled
• Ensure that “DTPC” is “Enabled”
• Enable “Short Preamble” if using 2.4 GHz
Enable Channel Quiet mode

On IOS AP the command dot11 phone dot11e will enable both CCA Versions (802.11e and Cisco V2)

Below are the commands to change the QBSS max threshold for each platform type.
Cisco Unified Wireless LAN Controller = “config advanced 802.11b 7920VSIEConfig call-admission-limit
Cisco Autonomous Access Point = “dot11 phone cac-thresh

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