7921 EAP-FAST with ACS

To configure a 7921 with EAP-FAST you will need to setup a 7921, WLC and ACS server.

Create a new networkprofile with the correct ssid. The authentication type will be EAP-FAST and configure an username with password.

At the WLC create a link to the external radius server (ACS)
Create a ssid with 802.1x encryption and pointing to the ACS server.

Create a new user with password.
At the Global Authentication Setup click at EAP-FAST Configuration.
Check :
Allow anonymous in-band PAC provisioning
Allowed inner methods

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One response to “7921 EAP-FAST with ACS”

  1. Tim Wilhoit says :

    The guides all say to bump up the eap-request-timeout to 20 seconds as well specifically for the 7921.

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