Tacacs / Radius Comparison

What’s the difference between Tacacs and Radius :
Here is a short description about differences between RADIUS & TACACS

1. Make

RADIUS is a Industry standard developed by Livingston.
TACACS is CISCO proprietory.

2. Command Execution rights:

RADIUS has no provision given to users as to which command that they
can run on the router.
TACACS has two provisions provided to user for the commands that they
can run on the router:
a. Based on users
b. Based on groups

3. Protocol Support:

RADIUS doesn’t offer support to traditional protocols like ARA, X.25 PAD
TACACS provides support to multiple protocols.

4. AAA Segregation:

RADIUS combines Authentication & Authorization.
TACACS clearly segregates/separates Authentication, Authorization &

5. Protocol Utilization:

RADIUS works on UDP whereas TACACS works on TCP.

6. Encrption level:

RADIUS only encrypts the password in the requested packet connection.
TACACS encrypts the whole body of requested packet connection.

Thanks to Nikhil Wagholikar

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