Wired GuestAccess with 1 or 2 WLC’s

There are two options to create GuestAccess.
1) With one controller
2) With a Anchor and Foreign Controller.

Create an Interface of the type GuestLan. This is the ingress interface.

The Vlan 102 doesn’t have any gateway or ip number.

Create a normal dynamic interface which the Guest gets a DHCP ip address.
This is the egress interface.

Create a WLAN of the Type GUESTLAN

Finally create a Local user :

Now you can connect a PC to the VLAN102 and watch what happens.
In my case it will receive a ip address and when I open something, I am redirected to :

Put here your credentionals and you will have network access…

Make the WLC eachother Mobility Group Members. Make sure the Mobility Group of the WLC are Different !

Create on the Anchor Controller the SAME WLAN of the Type GuestLAN.
The ingress interface can be none, because that will be the foreign controller.
The egress interface can be one you want. (The client gets his ip address from the DHCP server on this interface.)

At the dropdown box of the WLAN, select Mobility Anchors.
Make sure that the Anchor is pointing to itself.

The Forneign controller should point to the Anchor controller.

Finally, create a Local user on the ANCHOR Controller….
And that’s it.

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