Location Server VMWare

A lot of guys are asking me how to put the location server under VMWare.
It’s been a long time ago that I installed this, but here’s what I did :

Install Red Hat Enterprise Server.
Install the file that you can download from CCO.
Start the location server manually at /opt/locationserver

And basicly that’s all.

I know there are some issieus with starting the location server, but I can’t recall if I did something “different”. (I guess not otherwise I would document it.)

I works under VMWare ESXi 4 Server with 1 GB or RAM and some HD.
The only problem that I had is starting XWindows, but if you change the resolution of you own pc to 16 bits, it will start at the ESXi Console (VMWare infrastructure client.)

At this right moment I’m using a LOC2700 Appliance. Why ? Well, I got the hardware right now and I’m using the space at the ESXi server for another image….

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8 responses to “Location Server VMWare”

  1. Stefan says :


    which version of Redhat Enterprise Server did you use?


  2. fernandogonz says :

    Do you know if this works for new MSE?

    How do you mean by using WCS CDs?

    thanks in advance.

  3. . says :

    Red Had Enterprise 4 and you’ll have to do some tweaking… I’m not allowed to explain it, but there’s another website with the correct procedure.

    • lesenfants says :

      hello, what other sites have info and tutorial about the location appliance an vmware issues? do you have a favorite blog for the ccie wireless?

      thanks in advance.

      • . says :

        At the moment I was studying, there weren’t much blogs. At this moment there are more and more people who are studying for the wirelesslab.
        That’s why I created this blog.. Just for myself…

  4. Stefan says :

    There is a (time- and device-limited) version of a MSE running in a VM out there, usually you can get at via your local Cisco partner/account manager.
    This MSE is version 5 but it works with WCS 4.2 which you will quite likely use in your lab đŸ™‚
    even though it’s not an LocApp it will allow you to study the functionality of it.


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