Serial Relaiscard at the AUX port of a Router

A few years ago I bought a Serial Relais card from conrad.
Article-No: 967720.
This card isn’t in production anymore and there are a lot of other better alternatives. But most of them do have USB connectors, so you can’t put them behind a router.
Ofcourse you’ll find some Relaiscards with networkconnection, but they are a little bit expensive. (Digibutler is an alternative, but I don’t know how many Relais you can connect.)

You can find the manual of the card at :

At this moment I got it working with a 871 Router, so that I’m able to switch on and off some devices and I’m not consuming a lot of power when I’m not studying.
The card is connected to the AUX port.
The configuration of the AUX port is :
line aux 0
exec-timeout 0 0
script startup reset
script reset reset
modem InOut
special-character-bits 8
no exec
transport input all
transport output all
stopbits 1
speed 19200

To initialize the card you must send the commands :
1 – 1 – 78 – 78
But how are we’re going to do this ?
Well.. By chat-script.
chat-script ini “” ^A^A\N\N\c
chat-script uit “” ^C^A\N^B\c
chat-script r1 “” ^C^A^D^F/c

To start the script you must use the command :
start-chat r1 aux 0
And now one of my devices is powered on….Isn’t great.
It seems magic, but now you’re able to send characters to the device and the device is working.

You can find the ASCII codes at :

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