AP IOS : Workgroup Bridge

We’re going to configure an IOS AP to be a workgroup bridge.
The WGB can associate only to lightweight access points.
For this example we’re not using any encryption, so it’s not recommended, but for testing the WGB it’s good enough.

– create a SSID for the WGB
– Change to role of the AP

Configure the other side of the bridge
– create the same SSID for the bridge.
And that’s about it.

dot11 ssid WGB
authentication open
interface Dot11Radio0
ssid WGB
station-role workgroup-bridge

Other side of the Bridge we’re using an LWAPP AP.

By default the AP treat WGB as clients. To have them seen as Infrastructure client use the command :
interface Dot11Radio0

Verify the configuration :
1252WGB#sh dot11 associations

802.11 Client Stations on Dot11Radio0:


MAC Address IP address Device Name Parent State
0022.be92.3d11 WGB-client AP_1242_4 – Assoc

(Cisco Controller) >show wgb summary

Number of WGBs…………………………….. 1

MAC Address IP Address AP Name Status WLAN Auth Protocol Clients
—————– ————— —————– ——— —- —- ——– ——-

00:23:33:f6:c5:11 AP_1242_4 Assoc 3 Yes 802.11n 2

(Cisco Controller) >

Client MAC Addr AP Name WLAN Profile Protocol Status Auth Port WGB

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