Create AP Group VLAN

Like almost every configuration you can setup this feature via GUI or CLI.
The principle is the same :

– First create a vlan
– Assign an address to the vlan.
– Tell the interface interface where the dhcp server is.
– Assign the vlan to a vlan number
– Assign the vlan to a port.

– Create an AP Group and assign this to a vlan number you’d created.
– Map the Interface to the AP Group.
– Assign the AP to the AP Group
– Reset the AP.

During configuration of the Interface at the GUI there is an option of : Enable Dynamic AP Management
This option is being used to make this interface an AP-Manager interface.

Here are the commands for the config mode:

interface create vlan12 12
interface address dynamic-interface vlan12
interface dhcp dynamic-interface vlan12 primary
interface vlan vlan12 12
interface port vlan12 1

wlan apgroup add APG_VLAN12 “AP Group Vlan 12”
wlan apgroup interface-mapping add APG_VLAN12 2 vlan12
ap group-name APG_VLAN12 AP_1242_2
ap reset AP_1242_2

At this moment I’m able to have some spaces in the APGroup description when configured by the GUI, but I’m unable to put some spaces at the description when I use the CLI.

To verify the interfaces you can use the command :
show interface summary
show interface detailed vlan12

To verify the AP Groups you can use the command :
show wlan apgroups

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