What are the exact differences between the 2100 and 4400 ?

The Cisco 2100 Series Wireless LAN controllers are designed to provide basic, secure

coverage, while Cisco 4400 Series controllers provide flagship performance and scale that is

needed for campus and medium and large branch offices. While the Cisco 2100 Series

supports transaction-oriented wireless environments, the 4400 Series is recommended for

high-data-rate and multicast-intensive applications such as large data files, video, push-to-talk.

The wireless controller feature comparison matrix in Table 1 summarizes these differences.


Table 1. Cisco Wireless Controller Feature Matrix

Feature Support                                   2100 Series                            4400 Series

Number of access points                    6, 12, 25                                  12, 25, 50, 100

Number of clients                                                 250                                          5000

Throughput                                           Unicast ~ 90 Mbps                                 3.5–4 Gbps (4404)

Multicast ~ 90 Mbps               3.5–4 Gbps (4404)

Interfaces                                               8–10/100Mbps ports               2 (4402) or 4 (4404)

802.1Q VLAN tagging                          Yes                                          Yes

Route processor module (RRM)        Yes                                          Yes

Voice                                                      Yes                                         Yes

Location                                                                 Yes                                          Yes


Number of controllers in a group        24                                            24

Mobility across number of controllers                72                                            72

Fast roaming                                         Yes                                          Yes


Intrusion detection system (IDS)         Yes                                          Yes

Intrusion protection system (IPS)        Yes                                          Yes

Management frame protection             Yes                                          Yes

Guess access                                        Yes                                          Yes

Guest access anchor                            No                                           Yes


PCI                                                          Yes                                          Yes

Location services                                                 Yes                                          Yes

Redundancy                                          Yes                                          Yes

Mesh support

Indoor                                                    Yes                                          Yes

Outdoor                                                  Yes                                          Yes

Future Features

HA: stateful failover                                               No                                           Yes

Home access point support                                 No                                           Yes

802.1Q VLAN tagging                          Yes                                          Yes

802.1D Spanning Protocol                  No                                           Yes

802.3ad (link aggregation)                  No                                           Yes

IPv6 passthrough                                                 No                                           Yes

Quality of service (QoS) per user bandwidth


No                                           Yes

AppleTalk                                              No                                           Yes

Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)


No                                           Yes

Out-of-band management service port No Yes

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